As the co-founders of Automatic Appointments Inc., we have spent a combined 33 years working in direct sales & leading teams of direct salespeople.In that time, one thing has become very clear: sales success will always be in direct proportion to COLD CALLING.

Great salespeople who do not consistently get on the phone WILL FAIL – not because they can’t sell but because they don’t fill their calendar with the activity necessary to succeed.In our experience, time for COLD CALLING is often forgotten for a handful of honest reasons ranging from too many inter-office meetings to the increased responsibility that the senior sales professional often takes on.

Most commonly, however, COLD CALLING isn’t forgotten… it’s avoided. It’s avoided because the sales professional FEARS the rejection they will face, FEARS they won’t schedule enough meetings, or FEARS failure.If you’re like us, then you’ve felt the pressure to increase your sales activity and likely made the choice to hire help.If you’re like us, you’ve hired a friend or relative to make your calls for you in the past. You’ve spent days, or even weeks, training them to make your calls. You’ve lost weeks, or even months, of sales activity grooming this person.

If you’re like us, you eventually learned a hard lesson: NO ONE is going to be a long-term, reliable, extension of your sales business working only 5-10 hours per week with little management.If you’re like us, repeating the process of finding, hiring, training, managing, & ultimately losing an appointment setter became too depressing to continue.If you’re like us, you’ve given up on finding an appointment setter – you’ve told yourself that making your own calls would cost less of your TIME & MONEY.

Sound familiar?

Automatic Appointments Inc. is a team of professional appointments setters. We’re founded on the idea that the average salesperson can quickly become above average if THEY INCREASE THEIR ACTIVITY. The above average salesperson can quickly become a superstar if THEY INCREASE THEIR ACTIVITY.Our team is very serious about creating the RIGHT activity for our clients. Our goal is to take over cold calling for the sales professional so that they can focus on closing more sales.Our clients wake up on Monday morning with appointments on their calendar AND the knowledge that more appointments are on their way. Automatic Appointments Inc. is NOT for every sales professional.

If you love making cold calls, consistently find time to make them, and your calendar is ALWAYS packed full of sales meetings, WE ARE NOT FOR YOU.However, if your sales calendar has more openings than meetings week to week AND you’d like that to improve, Automatic Appointments Inc. can help you immediately.If you’re well organized, love running sales appointments, but need more activity then you’re a good fit for Automatic Appointments Inc. and we want to be an extension of your business

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