Best case scenario, a sales professional loves cold calling, but time spent on the phone takes away from their ability to meet with prospects. The average top sales professional spends 1.5 days per week COLD CALLING.

By working with Automatic Appointments Inc, top sales professionals are able to buy back more than 75 selling days per year!

But let’s be honest, most sales people work with us because they ARE NOT spending 1.5 days per week COLD CALLING and, as a result, their business is struggling!

The reality is this: in decades of leading teams of sales people we have never met a sales professional who enjoys cold calling. It’s a well known fact that the average sales professional, at best, tolerates cold calling, and, at worst, they are consume with anxiety at the thought of getting on the phone!

By working with Automatic Appointments, our clients have an increased quality of life, by only having to do the activities that they enjoy and earn them the highest level of income, while they pass the cold calling on to our experienced appointment managers.

So why does our program work better than hiring an appointment setter for yourself?

Great question! Have you ever heard the saying “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”?

Well, when it comes to appointment setting this saying is great advice – for the sales professional & the appointment setter.

Appointment setting for one sales person, as a part time job, might be a 5-10 hour per week job. On weeks the salesperson is sick or takes a vacation, the appointment setter is out of work! The second something easier and more reliable comes along, someone in this position will be gone. Our appointment setters are able to call 20 – 40 hours per week because they call for many of our clients. This makes the opportunity much more sustainable for them and, because they’re here for the long-haul, they are much more committed to mastering the role.

Similarly, relying on a single appointment setter to fill your calendar is very risky. The second they are sick, have a family emergency, or go on vacation YOUR CALENDAR SUFFERS. You need to KNOW that YOU WILL HAVE APPOINTMENTS. However, hiring a part-time appointment setter to manage your calendar often leads to the exact opposite: you never really know what your calendar will look like.

We’ve used appointment setters for more than 3 decades and have learned that it is in the best interest of the sales professional AND the appointment setter to hedge their bets: our clients have a couple different appointment setters calling for them in a given week & our appointment setters call for a handful of our clients each week. In this way, the relationship between sales professional & appointment setter becomes sustainable.

Our appointment setters call your leads, update your calendar when they set appointments, & reschedule appointments as necessary.

Our appointment setters are monitored, maintained, managed, and replaced as necessary. All of this happens in the background so that our clients can focus on one thing:



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