Our goal is to take over your outbound strategy so you can focus on closing more sales.

We are not for everybody, but let's see if we are for you.

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Services to help your business automate success.

We have spent a combined 33 years working in direct sales & leading teams of direct salespeople. In that time, one thing has become very clear: sales success will always be in direct proportion to cold calling. Great sales people who do not consistently get on the phone struggle – not because they can’t sell but because they don’t fill their calendar with the activity necessary to succeed. Whether it is the increased responsibility that the senior sales professional often takes on or you simply hate cold calling, we are here to help.

Pitch & Process

We have 35 years of experience in direct sales in many industries. We give this experience to our clients in order to deliver a seamless process of filling your calendar.

Appointment Setting

Our appointment setters call your leads, update your calendar when they set appointments, & reschedule appointments as necessary.

Closing Prospects

Now you know your schedule is full of qualified leads with more are on the way. Appointment setters are filling the calendar as you close clients.

Sounds like success.

Our Satisfied Clients

"Hey Joe! Just wanted to thank Automatic Appointments in settings appts for me! I have now sold $1 MILLION since January! Woohoo!

Laura F.

"Mary Beth You amaze me with your caller skills! 4 appointments in one day - MIND BLOWN! I'm so grateful to work with you. I feel very blessed.

T. Boozer

"Thank you! I closed David and he made a reference to how sweet you were. Keep on letting the person on the other line know how sweet you are"

Leanna C.

"Wow! I have signed four new clients in the last two weeks that YOU booked! GREAT JOB!! I really appreciate you.

Lyndsay S.

Beth is a rock star and if you have any special awards she definitely deserves it - six yeses TODAY! Incredible. Thank you Beth for being an amazing partner.

Ree L.

"Thank you, Cassie. Such a nice job today. Is there an address that I can send a little "Thank you" package to you?

Brian B.

Exeperience a smarter way to close deals.

Our team is very serious about creating the right activity to close deal. Our goal is to take over cold calling for you so you can focus on closing more sales. Wake up next Monday morning with appointments on your calendar and have the peace of mind that more appointments are on their way.

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